We exclusively assist managers, founders or entrepreneurs in their relations with financial investors in the context of private equity transactions. We understand the way in which investment funds think and act but we never act for them, thereby maintaining our independence and integrity.

Management package

Our management package practice is based on a comprehensive understanding of the legal, tax and financial aspects relating to LBO transactions. 

We assist management teams throughout the entire LBO process, from acquisition to an exit in the form of a secondary LBO, an IPO, or a trade sale, but also during interim transactions such as add-on acquisitions, and refinancings.

We believe that our assistance to management balances the asymmetry of skills, resources and experiences that exists between investment funds and management teams, which enables an alignment of interests between the investment fund and management. 

Our assistance is critical in situations where management, in parallel with managing the company, actively is required to participate in a time-consuming and hectic sales process and negotiate the management package with the various bidders in the process.

Our management package practice is based on more than 15 years’ experience of advising management teams. Therefore, we are perfectly familiar with private equity funds and the various actors surrounding them, such as specialized lawyers and senior bankers, on the different markets on which we are active.

Our team has developed its own bespoke, technological platform to ensure efficiency, confidentiality, and security to our clients, which allows us to focus on the negotiation and tailor-made advise to management, while ensuring excellent operational and administrative execution.

Venture capital

We advise founders, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and emerging growth companies in connection with fund raisings.

Based on our experience in private equity transactions, we provide innovative and flexible solutions, particularly with respect to the financial aspects of equity-structuring, adapted to the challenges of fast-growing companies.

Our ability to structure and model the equity enables us to advise our clients on the crucial link between the initial valuation, implementation of the business plan and the allocation of value creation at the time of the financial investor’s exit.

In addition, we often work on the implementation of incentive programs for employees, whether for free or paid and subject to specific conditions, with a capacity of managing larger shareholder populations, particularly in connection with the departure of an employee or an exit.

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